Trash Rake Machine

Benefits of Using Trash Rake Machine "Susamuru" in Enterprises

1- Reasons For The Need For A Trash Rake Machine

There are 672 licensed HEPPs as of 2021 in Turkey. During the years when the generation was performed by the state, most of the HEPP projects put into operation was the storage (dam-type) HEPP projects. However, a large number of HEPPs that have been constructed over the past few years are the Run-of-river HEPPs.

A settling pond used in the run-of-river HEPPs rather aims to settle the silt material. A settling pond is not effective for the following trash.

There two types of materials that cause screens to be blocked;

  • Natural trash: Branches, leaves, logs, alga, weeds, animal carcass, etc. Moreover, the mussels attach to the screen plates to grow and cause them to be blocked.
  • Urban garbage: It constitutes a pollution factor more than natural trash, particularly for the streams that run through a residential area. Even the old mattresses, vehicle tires and so on are left into the streams in addition to the relatively reasonable trash such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, shoes, and toys.

The amount of natural trash is increased or decreased depending on the season. The pollution caused by hays increases during the harvest seasons. The issue of alga goes up when the temperature of water is increased. The problem with branches, bushes and logs rises during the flood periods when the rainfall is rather heavy. Besides, this is a period when production is at the maximum level.

ÜAlthough their generation capacity is lower, the number of Run-of-river HEPPs is quite high, and the most important problem for the operators of Run-of-river HEPPs is to KEEP THEIR SCREEN CLEAN , and the cleaning process takes a significant portion of their staff and budget.

2- “Susamuru”, The Trash Rake Machine, Allows To Enhance Efficiency


  • According to determinations made by an Operator of HEPP installed on the River Sakarya: the generation of power has been increased by 3.6% after the Trash Rake Machine was installed. The investment, excluding the labor costs, has paid for itself in a very short period of time, i.e., 4 months.
  • It makes a significant contribution to personnel costs. There is no need to appoint staff members to screens except for inspections and cleaning that are performed periodically through automatic operation mode. The manual operation requires only one staff member.
  • Mostly, the settling ponds or the transmission lines need to be drained for manual cleaning of screens located at the inlet of penstock pipes. This results in both non-generation costs and loss of labor in the organizations. There is no need to interrupt the generation even during the flood periods because transmission lines do not need to be drained for screen cleaning.
  • As the screens are clean in Kaplan turbines, the vibration of turbine is remarkably improved because the flow threads are not disturbed when the water supplied to the turbine run through the screens.

3- “Susamuru”, The Trash Rake Machine, Makes A Vital Contribution To Workers’ Safety And Health


  • It enables vital improvements in the workers’ safety and health, which is a major problem for operators.
  • It prevents to work in hazardous conditions by its nature.
  • The risk for diseases is increased especially due to works performed during the cold weathers and in the water.