Trash Rake Machine ”Susamuru” Features

  • There are three options for operation: Automatic, semi-automatic and manual.
  • The manual operation is very simple.
  • Automatic operation settings are very easy to perform on the touchscreen.
  • It contains many protection systems to protect the operator and the machine. The worker’s safety is at the utmost level.
  • It has a robust and sufficiently simple mechanical construction and is not easily failed.
  • It employs the most effective protection methods against the corrosion that is caused by the contact with water and friction.
  • It provides alternative solutions depending on the current type of screen trash and problem. The priority and problems of organizations are known.
  • As an example for responding to different needs of organizations: A Harrow-type Machine with Conveyor has been designed and put into service to quickly remove the hays brought by the flood at the EÜAŞ Kepez HEPP Storage Reservoir Screen. With this machine, the trash is not stored in a container, but the trash collected into a container is transferred onto the conveyor to carry to the trash dump.
  • This machine is used by almost 50 organizations in Turkey and exported to foreign countries. There is an accumulated experience.